In Arkansas this year, Ross says, many growers will be implementing a new “Flag the Technology” program, designed to significantly reduce herbicide application errors and foster good community relations.

“With more and more herbicide technologies coming on the scene, we wanted to come up with some way to identify the technology(ies) being used in a field.”

Colored bicycle-type flags representing a particular herbicide technology will be placed at field entrances or other conspicuous locations where they will be visible from ground or air. Multiple flags may be used, if needed, to insure adequate visibility.

The color of the flag represents the technology used in the field, Ross notes.

Red signifies conventional varieties, with no herbicide technology traits, and indicates extreme caution should be used for nearby herbicide applications. White signifies Roundup Ready technology; bright green indicates LibertyLink technology; bright yellow represents Clearfield technology.

In fields where stacked technology, such as Roundup Ready and LibertyLink are in use, colored flags representing both technologies will be displayed.

Preferred flag size is 11 inches by 17 inches, mounted on 8-foot, one-fourth inch Fiberglas poles.