In recent years, there have been many industrial innovations with soybeans.

“I never thought much about that until I got on USB. I was privileged to go to a trade show in Philadelphia to a trade show for soybeans. There were 28,000 people and we had a booth set up with adhesives, lotions and things we do with plastics. You’d have been amazed at the questions we got. Do we raise GMO or non-GMO beans?

“But what I was really impressed with is, after such a bad run with plywood and paneling with formaldehydes, there is so much interest in using soybean glues because they aren’t toxic.”

Carroll is a member of the USB “oil team.” One of the things the team has focused on is the possibility of the tire company, Goodyear, substituting soybean oil for petroleum oil.

“If you don’t think that’s a big deal, consider what one of your tractor tires cost -- thousands of dollars. If we can substitute soybean oil for the OPEC stuff, we’ll ahead of the ball game. The upside of the (soybean) oil applications is phenomenal.”