Dr. Jason Norsworthy, associate professor at the University of Arkansas, Dr. Christy Sprague, associate professor at Michigan State University, and Dr. Aaron Hager, associate professor at the University of Illinois will be featured speakers for the American Soybean Association’s July 30 Herbicide and Weed Resistance Management session in St. Paul, Minn.

Norsworthy’s emphasis is to conduct innovative research that will lead to reduction in herbicide reliance, expenditures, and usage or improve weed management efficiency in crops in Arkansas, providing alternatives to those herbicides that pose the greatest environmental risks.

Sprague's research and Extension program focuses on integrated weed management, biology, ecology, and management of emerging problematic weeds, and understanding the interactions with weeds and other pests and pest/crop management practices.

Hager’s focus is developing an innovative approach that ultimately expands our knowledge and understanding of weed biology, with a particular emphasis directed toward addressing the contemporary weed species infesting the major field crops of Illinois.

The Herbicide and Weed Resistance Management session at the ASA Soybean Marketing and Production College will use the soybean industry’s “Take Action HRM” approach and will provide attendees with the tools needed to develop a three- to five-year integrated management plan.

“These speakers are experts in weed and herbicide resistance management and demonstrate the importance of educating soybean producers to implement integrated management plans,” said Bob Worth, ASA vice president and a soybean producer from Lake Benton, Minn. “Learning how to develop a best management plan will help soybean producers maximize their on-farm profitability.”

To guarantee participation, register by July 9 at www.SoyGrowers.com/MarketingProductionCollege.


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