The three insect, weed and disease publications that Arkansas producers have come to rely upon every year are now available online and in hard copy.

MP44, “Recommended Chemical for Weed and Brush Control,” is available in a chapter-by-chapter breakdown online here.

The MP44 gives detailed information about effective chemical control options for weeds and brush including product names, chemical formulations and application rates and methods.

M144, “Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas,” can be found here.

The MP144 offers broad range of recommendations for field crops, fruit and nut production, vegetable and flower production and livestock.

MP154 “Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide,” can be found here.

The MP154 has chapters that cover major field crops such as corn, cotton, soybeans, sorghum and rice, but also turf, fruit trees, tomatoes, canola and peanuts.