With debate continuing to swirl over the 2012 farm bill and the probability that direct payments will become extinct, federal crop insurance may become an even more important tool for farm risk management, especially in the South.

"The importance of this shifting policy landscape and crop insurance is applicable nationwide, and is especially important for southern agricultural crop and livestock producers," said Harrison Pittman, director of the National Agricultural Law Center of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. "In light of these coming changes, it is imperative that producers, lenders, extension personnel, and others involved in southern agricultural production have a foundational understanding of key aspects of current and proposed changes to federal crop insurance."

The National Agricultural Law Center is offering an hour-long webinar at noon Eastern/11 a.m. Central on June 21 to give an overview of key legal issues and policy shifts and their impact on farmers in the South. There is no charge to attend. The webinar is being presented by Pittman and Grant Ballard, an associate with the Banks Law Firm and a Research Consultant to the National Agricultural Law Center.
The webinar will include:

  • An update on current federal policy debate regarding crop insurance, including unique aspects for livestock producers.
  • Key terminology producers and others should be aware of in navigating legal and other important aspects of crop insurance.
  • Critical resources for updates and information on legal and other crop insurance issues.
    Discussion of legal considerations that should be considered once a loss occurs.
  • Legal significance of representations made by crop insurance agents to producers.

Participating in the webinar is very easy. At the noon eastern/11 a.m. start time, simply click here and sign in as a guest.

The webinar is provided with generous support by the Banks Law Firm, PLLC. The Banks Firm has provided a gift on behalf of the National Agricultural Law Center to create a premier legal education presentation series focused on southern agricultural producers and to help promote the twenty-fifth anniversary of the center. This webinar is a part of those efforts.
For more information about the webinar, see here.
For more information on crop production, visit www.uaex.edu, or arkansascrops.com or contact your county Extension office.