As part of his goal to increase the visibility of agriculture in the state, Waide oversaw the launch of a new four-color magazine, Mississippi Farm Country, and Mississippi was among the earliest state Farm Bureaus to establish a website and open Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“I’m also very proud of our ag image campaign, The Farmers of Mississippi, which we launched in February with TV spots, billboards, radio ads, and other promotional efforts,” he says.

“Most consumers nowadays are generations removed from farm life, and this campaign is designed to give them confidence in our food supply and make them more aware of the important role that agriculture and our state’s farmers play in their lives.”

The campaign, financed by Farm Bureau and contributions from dozens of partnering organizations and agribusinesses, will be expanded in 2011.

Waide has not announced future plans, other than returning to his farming
operation. Although he has been mentioned as a possible candidate for
governor, lieutenant governor, and commissioner of agriculture in 2011
statewide elections, he said at the annual meeting that he won’t seek any
elective state office next year. After having served as Farm Bureau
president, Waide said, “there is no position in Mississippi that wouldn’t be
a demotion."

Randy Knight, Pelahatchie, Miss., dairyman and vice president for central Mississippi, was elected to succeed Waide as president.

“No other president in the history of Mississippi Farm Bureau has worked harder to represent the people in agriculture,” Knight says. “His contributions have truly made a difference to everyone involved in agriculture and Farm Bureau.”