Fendt has introduced the Fendt 900 Series Vario tractors.

With Fendt selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for Tier 4-interim compliance, the latest 900 Series tractors deliver up to 7 percent greater fuel efficiency compared to previous models, along with the productivity and efficiency-enhancing advancements farmers have come to expect first from Fendt.

Other new features for the 900 Series, which offers a reversing operator station on all models, are a standard 10.4-inch Varioterminal monitor which puts control of all tractor functions in one, touch-screen terminal; the option of fully integrated guidance; and an on-board computer that makes tracking, storing and transferring data to an office PC nearly effortless.

Available in five models ranging from 200-300 PTO hp (240 to 360 engine hp), the 900 Series is now powered by a Deutz 7.8-liter, six-cylinder turbocharged air-to-air after-cooled engine.

Coupled with the proven, step less Vario CVT and Fendt-exclusive Tractor Management System (TMS), the Deutz engine with SCR technology provides exceptional fuel efficiency, whether cruising down the road at 31 mph or tilling soil at 10 mph.

Through the implementation of SCR technology, which treats engine emissions after combustion, the Fendt 900 Vario is Tier 4-interim compliant, with an average fuel-use-per hour of 6.6 gallons, up to 7 percent more fuel efficient than the previous models.

Though tough and powerful, the 900 Series tractors are light on their feet with a low unladen weight of less than 23,000 pounds on even the largest model, translating to a power-to-weight ratio of 64 lbs/hp.

For heavy-weight jobs, the maximum gross weight is 39,400 pounds, providing a heavy-weight tractor when needed, but no unnecessary weight when you don’t.

Fendt is the only tractor available with an optional reversing driver station which allows 180-degree rotation of the entire front console, driver station and dash. This provides the same ride, operating comfort and productivity in reverse as in forward drive.