With a focus on increased power, versatility, capacity and improved operator comfort, John Deere last year introduced the 7R Series Tractors for the 2011-2012 season.

These completely new row-crop tractor models have many of the performance features found in the larger 8R Series, making them even more productive in the field.

The 7R Series Tractors come with a wide array of new customer-driven features including the new IVT and Command Quad transmissions, options for larger tires, compact chassis, and greater engine horsepower ratings. These features give the 7R Tractors the versatility to handle the tillage, planting, haying, loader work and many other tough chores on the farm.

The 7R Tractors have 30 percent more fuel capacity and 23 percent greater hitch-lift capacity compared to their large-frame 7030 series predecessors.

In addition, this new series has an optional integrated front hitch and PTO so producers can easily operate front-driven equipment such as triple-mounted mower-conditioners, snow blowers and a wide range of other attachments.

For rear-driven equipment, a new 3-speed economy PTO with power-assist PTO shifting is an available fuel-saving option.

Inside the cab, John Deere has made major changes to enhance the operating experience. Along with a roomier CommandView II Cab that gives the operator improved visibility to the drawbar, the 7R Series Tractors have an optional touch-screen video capable CommandCenter Display.

The 7R models also can be equipped with ActiveCommand Steering (ACS), which utilizes breakthroughs in steering technology to deliver the ultimate in precise steering control, especially at transport speeds.

Another available option is an adaptive hydraulic cab suspension system that reads multiple tractor inputs to automatically adjust the suspension for an improved ride.

Other new features include the availability of six SCVs for greater hydraulic versatility and the addition of right-hand steps to make it more convenient to access the right side of the tractor.

John Deere 7R Series Tractors are available at your local John Deere dealer.

Heavy-duty, large-scale field operations just got easier for farmers with the introduction of the new 9R/9RT Series Tractors from John Deere.

Available for the 2012 season, the 360 to 560 engine horsepower 9R/9RT Tractors are the most powerful, productive and comfortable four-wheel-drive and track tractors John Deere has ever built. They are engineered for larger producers and contractors to cover more acres in less time and be more productive on the farm or job site.

The 9R/9RT Series Tractor lineup, which replaces the 9030 Series Tractors that were introduced in 2007, includes five models with wheels and three with tracks.

These new 9R/9RT Series tractors feature the latest improvements in power, hydraulics, hitch and PTO options, as well as cab comforts and controls. All of these great new features and overall style changes will help the all-new 9R/9RT tractors stay at the head of the field.