DeKalb adds 47 products to 2012 corn lineup

DeKalb corn’s 2012 lineup delivers high-performance and innovation in the form of 47 new products derived from Monsanto’s advanced breeding program.

Industry-leading breeding has been a constant throughout the DeKalb brand’s 100 year history, helping deliver the best products with strong roots, strong stalks and the strong yield potential farmers expect.

DeKalb corn’s 2012 lineup delivers that same high-performance and innovation in the form of 47 new products derived from Monsanto’s advanced breeding program.

Jason Hoag, DeKalb Marketing Lead, said DeKalb will provide a full launch of Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete and Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete blended corn products in 2012, offering farmers the convenience and time savings of a single-bag refuge management solution with the lowest refuge, at 5 percent, in the Corn-Growing Area for higher whole farm yield potential.

DeKalb will also continue to offer a portfolio of top-performing products featuring Genuity VT Triple PRO trait technology.

 “Farmers can plant with confidence knowing that the combination of DeKalb industry leading genetics and innovations from Monsanto’s breeding program are combined with the latest Genuity trait innovations on the market,” said Hoag. “We are pleased to be able to offer 47 new products to enable farmers to maximize their yield and profit potential in 2012.”

Some of the new DeKalb products for 2012 include:

DKC43-10RIB brand blend- Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete — 93 RPM — a product with top-end yield potential across different environments. This product also has seedling vigor for early planting along with excellent roots that support very good stalks.

DKC46-20 brand — Genuity VT Triple PRO- 96 RPM — features exciting agronomics and top-end yield potential. It also has excellent seedling vigor with impressive standability supported by great stalks and roots. Additionally, it has excellent drought tolerance.

DKC50-77 brand — Genuity VT Triple PRO — 100 RPM — features exciting yield potential with strong agronomics. This product also combines excellent greensnap tolerance, staygreen and intactness with an outstanding test weight.

DKC55-09RIB brand blend —Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete — 105 RPM — has excellent stalks and roots and very good tolerance to greensnap and drought. It also features excellent emergence and good early-season vigor, making it a great fit for reduced-tillage and early planting.

DKC61-88 brand — Genuity VT Triple PRO — 112 RPM — features good stalks, roots and drought tolerance. It is an offensive product with exceptional top-end yield potential across environments. Also has very good drydown and test weight.

DKC67-57 brand — Genuity VT Triple PRO — 117 RPM — a product with excellent yield potential, stalks and drought tolerance. Also complimented by very good staygreen and overall plant health.

For more information about DeKalb, farmers can contact their local DeKalb Dealer, visit and follow its business on


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