“Manure Management Update: Tips & Technology” 
Educational webinar to ensure your manure management is up-to-date...more


Understanding nitrogen performance and minimizing loss
Register to listen to Dr. Barney Gordon discuss N management and efficiency in this March 8 webinar…more



Fertilizer nutrients are more at risk in no-till production systems
Due to buildup of carbon and organic matter, no-till systems are especially hard on applied fertilizer and crops might be missing out on much needed phosphorus.




Maximizing Fertilizer Investments Without Sacrificing Yields
Help better manage nutrients and maximize your costly fertilizer investments, all without sacrificing yields.


New Planters Unveiled at Farm Progress
With harvest underway or complete throughout most of the country, it is about time to begin preparing for the 2013 crop.


Increase Winter Wheat Yield with Improved Fall Fertilization Efficiency
Fall fertilizer application is essential for winter wheat vitality throughout winter... more


High-yielding corn crops meet fall phosphorus fertilization
To help achieve high yields, nutrients must be applied at optimal levels to avoid deficiency… more


UAN 32 Percent as N source in rice?
Encouraging farmers to plant rice this year has been a hard sell. The rice industry is facing multiple issues that have put downward pressure on acres, resulting in what will be one of the smallest rice acreages since the early 1970smore


Give your crops an extra boost
Starter fertilizers can help increase early plant growth, nutrient update and yields…more




Protect your nitrogen whenever you apply 
Growers are sidedressing their N to help ensure plants get off to a strong start…more





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Continuing Education
Potassium nitrate has a positive effect in controlling plant pests and diseases when applied...
This online CE course details sound mechanical irrigation design and management practices to...