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DR. mohammed AlHamdany (not verified)
on Oct 6, 2012

Dear Sir,
As far as you know we in Iraq used Upland Cotton Gossypium hirsutum , Our cotton cultivars have been introduced from different sources . We do have Cocker 310, Cocker 110, during 1970s, and then during the 90s, a new cultivar named Ashor 1 was introduced because its yield potential>>> BUT... The Iraqi growers and farmers dont like cotton>>> because>>> It last too long period in the Field<<< Seed sowing occuure during 3/25-4/7 and the the final picking in January>>> and the first picking is not more than 25-30% of total yield ... Due to rain season which is mostly started in the 2nd wk of November>>> All Cotton groweres lost their chance to collect the cotton >>>
Therfore to solve this problem>>> Iraq need Early mature Cotton Varieties>>>
Me and my colleges utilized gama rays (150 and 250 Grays) on cotton seed to achieve unbelievable earliness
We reduced the life Cycle from open period (April-January) which affect the wheat or Barley cultivation>>> to April -October,20th... The First picking (180 days after planting) represents 85-90% of total Yield.
The infestation level of boll weevil is significantly reduced
I am sure that Induced Earliness in Cotton By gamma rays is promising to the cotton growers and to the agricultural sector

A-Man (not verified)
on Oct 8, 2012

You have indeed captured the simple beauty of cotton. This gallery of pics is the best I have seen.

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