Bayer CropScience announces seven new FiberMax and Stoneville cotton varieties for the 2014 season. Four new varieties from FiberMax and Stoneville contain new TwinLink technology with two Bt genes for season-long protection against lepidopteran pests. All seven of the new FiberMax and Stoneville varieties incorporate stacked GlyTol LibertyLink technology for a wide window of over-the-top applications of Liberty herbicide and glyphosate.

“Cotton growers want high-yielding, high-quality varieties with traits that give them flexibility to control the yield-robbing pests in their field, whether those are hard-to-control weeds or worms,” said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. product manager for FiberMax and Stoneville cotton. “Our newest FiberMax and Stoneville varieties provide just that: the best germplasm with the latest proprietary traits from Bayer CropScience.”

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New Bayer/FiberMax varieties available in 2014 include:

FM 1830GLT and FM 2334GLT offer the GlyTol, LibertyLink and TwinLink trait package for full tolerance to both Liberty herbicide and glyphosate and two proprietary Bt genes for effective management of major lepidopteran pests. Both varieties offer excellent yield potential and fiber quality with the added benefit of Verticillium wilt tolerance. Both are adapted for the High Plains. FM 1830GLT is an early-medium maturing variety. FM 2334GLT, a medium maturing variety, has very similar characteristics to FM 2484B2F, with better fiber quality.

FM 1320GL and FM 2322GL have the GlyTol and LibertyLink traits for adaptation in the Texas High Plains. FM 1320GL is the earliest maturing variety offered by FiberMax. It has excellent yield potential and good fiber quality. FM 2322GL is a medium-maturing variety with excellent yield potential and outstanding fiber quality.

New Bayer/Stoneville varieties available in 2014 include:

ST 5032GLT and ST 5289GLT offer the GlyTol, LibertyLink and TwinLink traits. ST 5032GLT has an early-medium maturity with strong yield potential and excellent fiber quality. This variety complements ST 4946GLB2 and FM 1944GLB2 in the cotton-growing regions east of the Mississippi River. ST 5289GLT is a medium-maturing variety similar to ST 5288B2F, the No. 1 variety planted in the south Delta last season. ST 5289GLT has excellent yield potential, especially on marginal soil types and good fiber quality.

ST 4747GLB2 has the GlyTol, LibertyLink ,Bollgard II trait package. ST 4747GLB2 has a broad adaptation with one of the earliest maturities in the Stoneville portfolio. With two years in the Cotton Agronomic Performance trials, ST 4747GLB2 set new yield standards in the Mid-South and Southeast for an early-season variety, with improved fiber length and micronaire in the Stoneville brand.

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