Americot, Inc., is announcing a new NexGen variety for the High Plains and Rolling Plains.

NG 3306 B2RF is a Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex variety with early- to mid-maturity and about a week earlier than NG 1511 B2RF.

“NG 3306 B2RF is well-adapted to the High and Rolling Plains,” said Americot director of technical services, Ken Legé. “The semi-smooth leaf variety has very good tolerance to Verticillium wilt, very good storm tolerance and excellent seedling vigor.”

NG 3306 B2RF, tested earlier as NGX3306B2RF, yields higher than NG 1511 B2RF in the northern High Plains and yields equally to NG 1511 B2RF in the southern High Plains. “NG 3306 B2RF was the highest yielder of seven popular varieties in the High and Rolling Plains,” Legé says. “It averaged 1,688 pounds per acre and a 56.34 cent loan. That’s according to all university and internal trials in the Americot technical service database.”

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In addition to excellent yield potential, NG 3306 B2RF has an outstanding fiber package, according to Legé.  It features a staple range of 36 – 37, strength 28 – 30, micronaire 4.0 - 4.7, and a 32 – 36 percent turnout. NG 3306 B2RF will be available in an introductory supply in 2014.

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