Lacour is proud of having been a member of the SCGA “since Day One in 1991. We believe in it. And one of the reasons we believe in it is we are big supporters of gin safety. SCGA has a safety program second to none. It is the top dog.”

There are plenty of benefits, but if for no other reason “we’d belong to SCGA for the safety watchdog aspect. Back in 1992, we had an accident with loading barge with seed during our second year in business. Some guys got hurt, unfortunately, and it cost us a lot of money.”

Any turnover in the ginning crew means new risk. “You can’t take for granted what they know. They may be unfamiliar with the exact piece of equipment they’ll operate. You have to make sure all those bases are covered for safety. So, we use meetings, instructional material, whatever.

“You can’t afford to be in business without insurance and without a good safety program you can’t have insurance.”

The sale of cottonseed is another reason Tri-Parish Gin is in good shape. “We have seed houses and can hold about 5,000 tons. We’re able to load cottonseed right out of the gin onto barges. The majority of our seed is barged to the north.

“Our ginning season is all over the place. We may start ginning at the end of August and we may start in early October. It’s not as regular as in other areas.”