When they were farming cotton only, Tim says, “We had as much as 1,600 to 1,700 acres. This year, we have 800 acres.

 “Since we’ve added corn, we’re striving for a one year corn, one year cotton rotation. But, there are a few places where we can’t do it because of the wild hogs.”

Even with 2009’s seemingly unending rains, he says, “We managed to have a decent cotton crop. We finished planting the last day of April and immediately got a 5-inch rain. It was June 1-2 before we could replant, so the crop got off to a late start, which then made us later than normal with harvesting.“We ended up with a 711-pound average and felt we were mighty lucky and dodged a bullet, considering the losses that a lot of other growers had. In a normal year, we’ll average 850 pounds to 900 pounds.

‘All the varieties we planted this year are new to me, but their data looked good and they’ve performed well despite the dry, hot summer.

“We have Deltapine 1034 B2RF, a mid-maturing variety, which offers a good combination of high yield/fiber quality potential; Deltapine 0912, a semi-smooth leaf variety with excellent yield potential and stability across regions and soil types; and Deltapine 0924, an early to mid-maturity variety, with good fiber properties and improved turnout. All have Genuity, Roundup Ready Flex, and Bollgard II traits.

“We also planted a few acres of Phytogen 375, a stacked WideStrike and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex variety. It’s an early-maturing variety with a lot of vigor that can take a lot of stress. We wanted look at it and see how it would perform for us.”

They started planting May 12 and expected to start harvesting mid-September.