Hembree Brandon

Editorial Director, Farm Press

Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Posts by Hembree Brandon

in Farm Press Blog Jul 19, 2016

It matters not how much oil if there’s no food or TP

Food security isn’t a given. Example: Venezuela, where government mismanagement and economic woes have resulted in widespread hardship for its....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 12, 2016

The Brits revolt...and we're all hit in the pocketbook

The uncertainty and volatility related to Brexit may well go on for many months, or even for the two years it supposedly will take for the separation....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 27, 2016

Wanna be a U.S. citizen? Just bring lots of money

Under the EB-5 visa program, your Uncle Sam grants up to 10,000 visas annually for immigrants who will agree to invest at least $1 million to create....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 20, 2016

Can we trust our water filter to order its own replacement?

It’s just another step in the ongoing evolution of taking humans out of the decision-making/manpower loop, all the while eliminating jobs....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 13, 2016

Will EPA regulate your dishwashing detergent?

The first-ever update of the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act will, for the first time ever, subject more than 64,000 household chemicals to....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 06, 2016

Another study: GMOs are safe. But will it matter?

The latest scientific findings won't change the stance of those who maintain that GMO crops are a plot by an international agrochemical cabal....More
in Farm Press Blog May 31, 2016

Science takes a back seat to fear-mongering about GMOs

“There is no evidence of a difference in nutrient quality between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.”....More
in Farm Press Blog May 23, 2016

The last dairyman: John McReynolds retires after 50 years

He was the last private dairyman in a county once known as the Dairy Capitol of the South, but early this month John T. McReynolds sold his herd and....More
in Farm Press Blog May 16, 2016

Ownership of ag data still not a legally-established principle

"The reality is that ‘ownership’ is a legal principle that must be recognized by courts or a law — and that has not happened yet in the United States....More
in Farm Press Blog May 02, 2016

Government overreach: Climate change and free speech

It’s rather ham-handed, in a country that pays at least lip service to freedom of speech, that our government would consider using the law to....More
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