Hembree Brandon

Editorial Director, Farm Press

Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Posts by Hembree Brandon

in Farm Press Blog Jul 01, 2015

And with your hamburger how about a side of porn?

Can somebody tell me where I can get one of those gorgeous, juicy, half-a-foot-high hamburgers we see in TV ads? The ones you actually get are all....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 22, 2015

Careful: That french fry or apple pie may alter your genetic makeup (not!)

“If you look at food packaging, you might think the three most terrifying letters in the English language are GMO.” — Jon Stewart....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 15, 2015

Mike Espy on ag sales to Cuba: ‘Don’t wait—go there, meet farmers’

"I believe things are going to open up relatively soon” with Cuba, says former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, and those wanting to do business....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 08, 2015

Ag technology: It's now what’s hot for venture capital investors

Start-up companies targeting plant and animal health are increasingly attracting backing from venture capital funds....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 02, 2015

Ag R&D: Are cutbacks in spending endangering future productivity?

Cutbacks in spending on agricultural research and development have allowed past productivity gains to slip away as economic and environmental....More
in Farm Press Blog May 25, 2015

Weird takes a new turn in D.C. as president’s own party rebels

As has been the case with other U.S. trade deals in recent years, there were concerns about the expected loss of U.S. jobs as a result of the Trans-....More
in Farm Press Blog May 19, 2015

OK, it’s my annual rant about sun dangers (which you should heed)

Melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, is really nasty stuff, and it can be deadly....More
in Farm Press Blog May 11, 2015

A familiar story: Fill the tank today because tomorrow it’ll likely cost more

The turn back upward in fuel prices comes when lower prices for crops and rising costs of other inputs are putting the squeeze on farmers' profit....More
in Farm Press Blog May 04, 2015

China’s new leader: Opportunity to forge improved relationship?

China’s new president, Xi Jinping, represents an opportunity for both nations to pursue common interests for a long-term beneficial relationship,....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 27, 2015

Though door’s opened a crack, Cuba trade still faces obstacles

“The soybean industry is losing out on valuable opportunities to market U.S. food and agriculture products in Cuba,” says Richard Wilkins, American....More
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