Forrest Laws

Director of Content, Farm Press

Forrest Laws, director of content for the Penton Media Agriculture Group, spent 10 years with a metropolitan daily newspaper before joining Delta Farm Press in 1980. He has written extensively on farm production practices, crop marketing, farm legislation, environmental regulations and alternative energy. He now oversees the content creation for Delta, Southeast, Southwest and Western Farm Press and for BEEF, Corn and Soybean Digest, Farm Industry News, Hay & Forage Grower and National Hog Farmer. He resides in central Iowa in the middle of the largest corn patch in the world.

Posts by Forrest Laws

in Farm Press Blog Oct 18, 2016

The future of farming seems to be getting brighter

Young farmers having an impact on crop yields as they continue to move into new roles in Mid-South farming operations....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 03, 2016

Glyphosate has become lightning rod for environmental activists

Panel of Experts debunk "glyphosate probably carcingoenic to humans' finding by International Agency for Research on Cancer monograph in 2015....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 16, 2016

‘Farmers are having a wonderful year financially’

Heritage Foundation special report, which is receiving much criticism from farm groups, appears to be divorced from reality of commercial farming....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 02, 2016

What happens to H-2A workers if wall gets built?

Political promises may cause labor headaches for farmers who already have enough problems without adding to their load....More
in Farm Press Blog Aug 19, 2016

Louisiana flood disasters leading many to question why?

Damaging levels of flooding in Louisiana for the second time this year are resulting in questions about what's happening with weather patterns....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 27, 2016

Could we eradicate the boll weevil again? Maybe not

There's no guarantee cotton producers could eradicate the boll weevil if they had it to do over again given the political and regulatory climate they....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 15, 2016

Food manufacturers boycott anti-GMO labeling activists in Vermont

House and Senate approve new GMO labeling measures by wide margins, President Obama is expected to sign the legislation....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 06, 2016

Scientist takes issue with no-pesticide-organic claim – in nice way

Organic producers use of naturally-occurring pesticides may result in higher dose rates than conventional products....More
in Farm Press Blog May 27, 2016

Organic growers report higher sales, low market penetration

"Organic" producers continue to make inroads in commercial agriculture, but proponents admit it still only makes up 5 percent of total food sales....More
in Farm Press Blog May 05, 2016

Reality check needed for non-farm residents?

Weed Science Society of America herbicide elimination estimates lead to questions about perceptions of environmentla activist groups....More
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