Elton Robinson

Editor, Delta Farm Press

Elton joined Delta Farm Press in March 1993, and was named editor of the publication in July 1997. He writes about agriculture-related issues for cotton, corn, soybean, rice and wheat producers in west Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and southeast Missouri. Elton worked as editor of a weekly community newspaper and wrote for a monthly cotton magazine prior to Delta Farm Press. Elton and his wife, Stephony, live in Atoka, Tenn., 30 miles north of Memphis. They have three grown sons, Ryan Robinson, Nick Gatlin and Will Gatlin.

Posts by Elton Robinson

in Farm Press Blog Aug 07, 2013

Guess who’s making a move on U.S. superpower status?

Some say China has overtaken the United States in terms of superpower status....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 29, 2013

Logic takes a leap over hypoxic zone

Harte Institute's ignorance of ethanol fundamentals not very flattering to the scientific method....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 28, 2013

GMO crops - Courts ignore evidence, side with environmental extremists

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided to not allow the planting of genetically modified crops on government lands in the Mid-South and Southeast....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 16, 2013

GE wheat – a mystery fit for Sherlock Holmes

How GE wheat got into a 123-acre field in Oregon could be a case for Sherlock Holmes....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 03, 2013

The Internet zoo weighs in on GE wheat

A prank at a supermarket turns into a worldwide anti-GMO news flash. The Internet zoo strikes again....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 13, 2013

GE wheat – detected early, safe, so what’s the fuss?

Volunteer GE wheat shows up in a field in Oregon, anti-GMO crowd pounces....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 06, 2013

Today's synaptic challenge -- what is a GMO

A synaptically challenged GMO protester spreads confusion. Hopefully, no one was listening....More
in Farm Press Blog May 30, 2013

Sustainable agriculture -- no silver bullets, but maybe some silver buckshot

Can agriculture produce enough food to feed 9 billion people by 2050?....More
in Farm Press Blog May 29, 2013

Weather will continue to challenge agriculture

No doubt about it, climate change is real. So let's adapt....More
in Farm Press Blog May 24, 2013

Ag economists take jabs at farm subsidies

Another ag economist takes a jab at ag subsidies....More
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