Elton Robinson

Editor, Delta Farm Press

Elton joined Delta Farm Press in March 1993, and was named editor of the publication in July 1997. He writes about agriculture-related issues for cotton, corn, soybean, rice and wheat producers in west Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and southeast Missouri. Elton worked as editor of a weekly community newspaper and wrote for a monthly cotton magazine prior to Delta Farm Press. Elton and his wife, Stephony, live in Atoka, Tenn., 30 miles north of Memphis. They have three grown sons, Ryan Robinson, Nick Gatlin and Will Gatlin.

Posts by Elton Robinson

in Farm Press Blog Jul 18, 2014

Pesticides residues -- consumers continue to miss the point

American consumers often equate danger with the appearance of pesticide residue on food, no matter how Infinitesimal it may be. But toxicity is all....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 07, 2014

Five reasons why we fight mandatory GMO labeling

The fight against mandatory GMO labeling -- is sustainable agriculture is at stake?....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 30, 2014

ICA moves against cotton contract defaulters

The International Cotton Association is going after those doing business with defaulters....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 26, 2014

Vermont GMO legislation kicks off food fight

Grocery Manufacturers Association take on Vermont's new labeling law....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 15, 2014

Beekeepers/farmers need answers, not giant inflatable bees

Protestors insisted that Loews remove neonicotinoid insecticides from its shelves. But the protestors once again cited poorly-constructed research....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 10, 2014

Oregon county makes miserable GMO decision

Can citizens prohibit farmers from planting genetically engineered crops? Apparently so....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 08, 2014

Organic agriculture cannot save the planet

From an environmental standpoint, organic farming isn't all it's cracked up to be....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 03, 2014

Vermont labeling law – victory of hype over substance

Vermont falls for anti-GMO hype, passes labeling bill....More
in Farm Press Blog May 29, 2014

The Sequel: Pesticide looneys and conspiracy theorists

Crop protection chemicals and GMOs -- some readers just don't get it....More
in Farm Press Blog May 29, 2014

Value of U.S. rice lands to waterfowl – something to quack about

To replace the contribution to wildlife habitat of flooded ricelands would cost the federal government over $3.5 billion....More
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