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Dec 05, 2011

Qatar lounges way to fattest nation on earth — blame potatoes1

America has been outdone in the obesity wars. According to a recent article in The Atlantic, half of adults and a third of children in Qatar are....More
Nov 29, 2011

MF Global: funds found but mystery deepens

As FBI and Justice Department investigations into the collapse of MF Global continue, there have been several developments in recent days....More
Nov 28, 2011

Bt cotton – organic groups continue to ignore its benefits

The organic cotton crowd doesn’t want genetically modified varieties in its certified organic designation. A recent study shows why it should be....More
Nov 25, 2011

South Korea, FTAs and word association

Triggered by a vote on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) recently passed by Congress, South Korean President Lee Myungbak’s opposition was furious at....More
Nov 22, 2011

A CEO’s message to Washington: Put the nation's interests before your own

Congress and administration should put nation's interests before their own....More
Nov 21, 2011

Farm bill in wake of super committee failure?

What will the super committee’s failure mean for the farm bill turned in last Friday (November 18)?....More
Nov 21, 2011

Rustlers leave Lonesome Dove — for catfish and wine grapes

For most Americans, rustling brings up iconic Lonesome Dove images of ‘borrowing’ a herd from Mexico or watching Jake Spoon cross the line into horse....More
Nov 18, 2011

*@#% soils aside, the occasional sugar maple brightens autumn

Despite inhospitable soils, the occasional sugar maple brightens Mid-South autumn....More
Nov 17, 2011

DeMint’s amendment to repeal check-offs – is he serious?1

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint entered an amendment to Congress to terminate 20 commodity check-off programs. Is he serious? Apparently so....More
Nov 17, 2011

First Xmas trees, now the rest

First, the get-the-government-outta-everything bunch came for the Christmas tree check-off. Flush with success after the Obama administration’s....More
Nov 15, 2011

The talented Mr. Whitney and his worthless cotton gin

Next harvest season, the ghost of Eli Whitney will return to gin yards. He’ll stand at the fringe, but no closer — muttering regrets about an....More
Nov 14, 2011

In America, we can still clean house

Could today’s world financial troubles really be more about the timeless struggle of good guys versus bad guys? And greed and government are simply....More
Nov 11, 2011

Continuing deterioration of nation’s bridges gets short shrift in funding

Deterioration of nation's bridges continues as funding fails to keep pace....More
Nov 10, 2011

Xmas trees, check-offs, and half-truths1

Warm up the cider, decorate the Christmas tree, put a match to the Yule log, hand out the songsheets and let’s all hum a dirge as common sense....More
Nov 10, 2011

2011 Cotton Photo Contest Winners Announced

We have had a wonderful response to our first photo contest and the winners of the Cotton photo contest are announced....More
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