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Associate Editor,
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David Bennett, associate editor for Delta Farm Press, is an Arkansan. He worked with a daily newspaper before joining Farm Press in 1994. Bennett writes about legislative and crop related issues in the Mid-South states.

Perry Galloway: 108-bushel soybeans in north-central Arkansas
Perry Galloway: Record soybean crop in Gregory, Ark. Over 108 bushels per acre.
UAV drone
Aerial applicators and ‘drones’ a problematic mix? 1
Eyes often light up at the thought of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs – or drones) assisting farm operations. But for aerial applicators, the UAVs pose just one more hazard they must avoid.
Carl, Jonathan Beavers: Connecting dots to higher soybean yields
“You know, the experience with this field just reinforces my belief that farming is like connecting dots. You go from one dot to the next, trying to figure things out, how to do things better. I think farmers will identify with what I’m saying.” -- Carl Beavers.
Cotton boll weevil
Arkansas boll weevil eradication effort debt-free
“The (boll weevil) trapping program will run indefinitely. So long as there are boll weevils in the country, we’ll keep this going.” -- Regina Coleman, ABWEF Executive Director.
Scott Young: consistent, high crop yields in south Arkansas
On 2,700 acres just east of Hamburg, Ark., farmer Scott Young has learned how to grow high-yielding corn and soybean crops in a big way.
Combine harvesting soybeans in Arkansas, October 2015.
Soybean harvest nears finish after difficult growing season
As harvest advances, Extension specialists describe the Mid-South soybean season as rather bi-polar. “From beginning to end this has been a year of extremes for Mississippi farmers,” says Trent Irby.
Lawmakers query USDA officials on STAX, ‘actively engaged’ definition
House Agriculture Committee holds two days of hearings with USDA officials.
U.S./China rice trade deal not completed
Reports that a China/U.S. rice trade pact had been struck were premature. Hopes that a deal would be signed next week were put to bed during a conference call between USDA and major U.S. rice players.
Cotton, water use, thrips and pigweed
“If we can show that we’re saving water by implementing some of these irrigation methods, it does nothing but look good for cotton.” -- Darrin Dodds, Mississippi State University Extension cotton specialist.
cotton picker
Rethinking cotton management in a poor market
“At the end of the day, it’s a 65-cent cotton market and what we’re trying to do is make more cotton with less money and improve profit margins." -- Darrin Dodds, Mississippi State University Extension cotton specialist.
Cotton industry concerns with regulatory issues
Regulatory issues were discussed by Reece Langley, National Cotton Council vice president, Washington Operations, at the mid-August ACP-Cotton Foundation joint meeting in New Orleans.
Waters of U.S. rule blocked by federal judge
Late Thursday (Aug. 27), Judge Ralph Erickson agreed to a preliminary injunction sought by 13 states suing to block the WOTUS rule saying it is “exceptionally expansive.”
The season so far: Arkansas rice heading to the back stretch
"The rice in the field still looks very good. But without the milder temperatures late-season like we’ve had in the recent past, it’s doubtful we’ll hit records.” -- Jarrod Hardke, Arkansas rice agronomist.
For Congress: Ag appropriations, marketing certificates
Langley warned that because cotton producers don’t yet have certificates and marketing loan benefits apply towards the $125,000 limit, “the FSA will be required to do reconciliation on where every producer stands. ... They want to do this reconciliation before October when any ARC or PLC payments will be made for the 2014 crop.”
U.S. cotton, ‘actively engaged’ and trade issues
The FSA has said the "actively engaged" final rule is “essentially written and going through the clearance process at USDA. Their intention is to get the final rule issues by October. If they do that, it would most likely apply for the 2016 crop year." — Reece Langley, National Cotton Council.
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