David Bennett

Associate Editor,
Delta Farm Press

David Bennett, associate editor for Delta Farm Press, is an Arkansan. He worked with a daily newspaper before joining Farm Press in 1994. Bennett writes about legislative and crop related issues in the Mid-South states.

Fighting pigweeds with the proper products: a short primer
Pigweed has added PPO herbicide products to the list of chemistries it no longer fears. Farmers must understand how best to attack the weed.
Delayed Mid-South wheat harvest cranks up
Moving into harvest, the Mid-South wheat crop is shy of historic acreage and high on yield variability.
Resistant pigweeds continue to bedevil producers
Perry Galloway sees soybean yield contest field overrun with PPO-resistant pigweeds. Arkansas yield leader cautions fellow growers.
Agriculture gets into the ‘sharing’ act with MachineryLink
Hosting a website for those looking to share equipment, MachineryLink is bringing farmers from across the country together.
ASU biodiesel lab helps power, feed university farm
“It seems these smaller (biodiesel) facilities could be set up in rural locations where the feedstocks are being grown. That means transportation costs would be lower and needed jobs could be generated. It can be done." -- Kevin Humphrey, ASU professor.
Single-row tractor company aiming to serve small farmers globally
“It’s all about ensuring what most farmers want: independence. Using this model means they are free to do business with whomever they choose.” -- Horace Clemmons, Cleber LLC.
Mid-South to adopt harvest weed seed control?
Will Mid-South farmers adopt widely used Australian techniques to keep resistant weed seed out of fields? A leading resistant weed specialist predicts they will.
Why are long-grain rice farmers worried about TPP deal?
Many in the rice sector have expressed concern about a potential downturn in U.S. imports into the Mexican market under the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.
10 keys to containing the cost of your cotton crop
"No matter what someone promises you a product will do, no matter how much pressure you’re under to buy something without a proven track record, don’t agree immediately." -- Dan Fromme, LSU AgCenter cotton specialist
Farm Payment Loophole Elimination Act onerous to producers
"The records must include the location where the management activity was performed. Can you imagine? ‘Sitting at breakfast table with wife. Made decision to irrigate Field Six.’ Plus, you have to record how much time it took to make the management decision." -- Bill Bridgforth, partner in Arkansas-based Ramsay, Bridgforth, Robinson, and Raley LLP.
How is the economy looking in Mid-South farm country?
"Business and life have three cycles: you’re either in a problem, coming out of a problem or going into a problem. We’re obviously in a problem now, coming off one of the best runs in crop agriculture.” -- Greg Cole, CEO, AgHeritage Farm Credit Services.
U.S. tractor company first approved in Cuba for 50 years
“We told (the Cubans) we’d not just design a tractor, but an open system manufacturing model. If you look at tractors and light equipment – backhoes, forklifts, trenchers, excavators – they can all be built with some very basic, common components." -- Horace Clemmons, Cleber, LLC.
Where do things stand with Xtend technology registration?
"Ultimately, we’re looking forward to the EPA finalizing their decision to give growers the opportunity to spray one of the dicamba formulations over-the-top of these crops.” -- Kim Magin, Monsanto director of industry affairs.
Cuba trade, the TPP, rice and legislature expectations
“Looking at how close Cuba is to the Mid-South, it makes a lot of sense for us to have a strong trade relationship with them." -- Wes Ward, Arkansas Agriculture Secretary.
What would the TPP mean for Southern rice producers?
"How can we encourage them, with whatever tools necessary, to follow the rules? That’s a high priority and we’re actively engaged in that, in concert, with our rice producers.” -- Darci Vetter, U.S. trade ambassador.
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