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Associate Editor,
Delta Farm Press

David Bennett, associate editor for Delta Farm Press, is an Arkansan. He worked with a daily newspaper before joining Farm Press in 1994. Bennett writes about legislative and crop related issues in the Mid-South states.

EPA reverses course, no Enlist Duo technology for 2016
“This isn’t a minor deal. With PPO resistance, we have a single post-emergence option available to kill resistant pigweeds. Enlist Duo was going to be our second." -- Jason Norsworthy, University of Arkansas.
Pigweed in a field
Weed resistance project set to tackle barriers to proper management
"There are some stark differences in how folks approach weed resistance from, say, the Mid-South to the Midwest." -- Jason Norsworthy, Arkansas weed specialist.
Standout Arkansas rice line poised to be released?
“In 2013, 1084 yielded 203 bushels per acre on average. Roy J, at the same time, yielded 189 bushels with RiceTec XL753 yielded 223 bushels. So, 1084 yields are falling between the hybrids and the highest yielding pure line varieties we have." -- Karen Moldenhauer, University of Arkansas rice breeder.
The importance of rice breeding in the Mid-South
“From when the initial cross is made to passing all the hurdles through advanced testing and release it takes about eight years. That’s actually pretty fast for a variety to standout early and then move on through." -- Jarrod Hardke, Arkansas Extension rice agronomist.
Farmer Mac provides free quarterly report to farmers
“Looking at farm incomes, financial strength and more broad-based measures, it’s tough." -- Jackson Takach, Farmer Mac economist.
Rabbit Ridge Gin plots a course ahead
“Obviously, price is critical to cotton remaining viable. You’ve got to have a good price for lint. You’ve also got to have a good price for cottonseed." -- Tri Watkins.
Grain dominates as riverside facility expands
“As a whole, the river is incredibly important to the lifeblood of the Mid-South farmer." -- Bill Ussery.
Should you consider propane-powered farm equipment?
“Any preconceived notion that people might have about propane equipment really needs a revisit." -- Cinch Munson, PERC.
Industrial hemp production moving to states?
“I’ll repeat: anyone growing industrial hemp without a DEA permit is playing with fire.” -- Harrison Pittman, director of the National Ag Law Center.
Star Wars comes to irrigation technology
"We use the sun and other exploding stars – supernovas – for a source and essentially measure the back-scatter of neutrons from the soil." -- Trenton Franz.
Ault brothers growing it from the ground up
“We’ve been able to lean on great people. You can’t underestimate how important that has been.” -- Chris Ault.
How much of a concern is aging farmer demographic?
“My reading of the aging farmer demographic question is that it’s far richer, or complex, than simply looking at the rising age of the farming population." -- Carl Zulauf, agriculture economist.
Perry Galloway: 108-bushel soybeans in north-central Arkansas
Perry Galloway: Record soybean crop in Gregory, Ark. Over 108 bushels per acre.
UAV drone
Aerial applicators and ‘drones’ a problematic mix? 1
Eyes often light up at the thought of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs – or drones) assisting farm operations. But for aerial applicators, the UAVs pose just one more hazard they must avoid.
Carl, Jonathan Beavers: Connecting dots to higher soybean yields
“You know, the experience with this field just reinforces my belief that farming is like connecting dots. You go from one dot to the next, trying to figure things out, how to do things better. I think farmers will identify with what I’m saying.” -- Carl Beavers.
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