David Bennett

Associate Editor,
Delta Farm Press

David Bennett, associate editor for Delta Farm Press, is an Arkansan. He worked with a daily newspaper before joining Farm Press in 1994. Bennett writes about legislative and crop related issues in the Mid-South states.

Section 179 extension part of Senate Finance Committee bill
Section 179 allows farmers to expense and depreciate property they have purchased or repaired for their operations.
How might Mid-South producers utilize ESN fertilizer?
“Data has shown that, in general, in our warm climate and with application in an April timeframe with soil temperatures above 70 degrees, the product will release its nitrogen over about 35 to 40 days." -- Bobby Golden, Mississippi Extension rice and soil fertility agronomist.
PPO-resistant pigweeds confirmed in Arkansas, Tennessee
"PPO products have been the bedrock of our weed control programs for years. To lose them, especially post, is a big blow." -- Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee weed specialist.
GMO food labeling bill passes out of House Agriculture Committee
"The keys to success in any marketing venture are voluntary participation, robust, transparent and meaningful standards, and comprehensive enforcement to ensure compliance,” -- Texas Rep. Mike Conaway, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee.
Rising Mississippi River to impact farmland behind the levee?
In Memphis, the Corps of Engineers is expecting the rising Mississippi River to put some riverside farmland underwater. The river rise comes following a record wet May in the lower 48 states and recent rains from Tropical Storm Bill.
Mississippi River flooding
Rising Mississippi River could put riverside crops underwater
"Bump" in Mississippi River level could put crops underwater.
GMO labeling hot topic during House hearing
Annual cost of GMO labeling to a family would be $500?
Parched farms to get additional USDA assistance
“Our fire seasons now are about 60 to 80 days longer than they were three decades ago. The number of acres we’re burning has about doubled over the same time frame. We’re looking at bigger and more catastrophic fires.” -- Robert Bonnie, USDA undersecretary.
Arkansas soybeans a mixed bag as summer sets in
“We’re behind – sometimes way behind – in some fields. The Arkansas River Valley has flooded fields and caused problems for planting. The same is true in the southwest corner of the state around the Red River.” -- Jeremy Ross, Arkansas Extension soybean agronomist.
Lance Padgett dives into grain sorghum
First-time grain sorghum producer not afraid to ask for advice.
Delta grain sorghum acreage spikes
“Hopefully, over the next three to five years we’ll really see an increase in key traits and get some additional yield bumps.” -- Pioneer's William Johnson.
Jason Kelley, Arkansas Extension agronomist.
Grain sorghum and ‘enhanced’ inputs
“We added a lot more fertilizer -- $100 worth, -- to some of these plots and got a three-bushel response. That’s it." -- Jason Kelley, Arkansas grain sorghum agronomist.
Hearn brothers go big into grain sorghum
Going into this year, Brad and Jody Hearn were considering planting more grain sorghum. Then, the brothers kept watching the price inch up and, early this spring, decided it was time to act.
EPA finds oil companies recoup biofuel blending costs
"Why are they doing it? It makes no sense. They’re only helping the oil companies by doing this.” -- Bob Dineen, CEO, Renewable Fuels Association.
Frequent rains hamper Arkansas wheat crop
“A lot of rain after heading can lead to nothing good in wheat.” -- Jason Kelley, Arkansas Extension wheat agronomist.
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