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  • Jan 24, 2011

    Optimism returns at Beltwide Cotton Conferences

    Cotton producers at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in Atlanta were brimming with optimism over high cotton prices. Glyphosate-resistant Palmer pigweed could be a limiting factor in cotton acreage next year because of the strain it can put on producers. High Cotton winners, honored at the annual High Cotton breakfast at the Beltwide, praised their families and the unity in the U.S. cotton industry as reasons for their success....More
  • Dec. 6, 2010
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    Delta Farm Press

    2011 Beltwide Cotton Conference

    ‘Dollar cotton’ to be Beltwide topic No one knows what the price of cotton will be in 2011, but the fact that it rose above a dollar in recent weeks has created a lot of excitement in the cotton industry.
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