Help is here on the looper problem we have been experiencing in soybeans. Field populations are crashing in fields across Arkansas.

We have seen loopers infected with soybean looper NPV (nuclear polyhedrosis virus) in fields stretching from Desha, Drew, and Lincoln counties all the way up through Crittenden and Poinsett counties.

If you have looper infestations you need to wait as long as possible before treating and look closely at worms to see if the virus is present. … These viruses reduce populations quickly and efficiently without cost to the grower so look closely before you pull the trigger.

With that said, don’t wait for the virus if defoliation is already bad and you need to treat. Don’t … wait for (the virus) and let the crop get defoliated because we told you the virus was here.

However, we can save growers money by catching this so get out there and see if the virus has reached your fields.