Potassium Fertility in Soybean, by Robert Mullen, associate professor and soil fertility/nutrient management specialist at the Ohio State University, is the topic of the latest presentation in Focus on Soybean, a nonprofit industry resource developed to help soybean growers and consultants develop healthier, higher yielding crops.

Adequate potassium nutrition for soybean is critical to promote maximum agronomic productivity. The goal of this presentation is to provide some background on potassium uptake in soybean plants, as well as management information. More specifically, Mullen discusses…

• A soil science perspective of how potassium behaves in the soil and what dictates potassium availability.

• The soybean plant’s interactions with potassium in the soil, including how potassium is trans-located to the plant aboveground.

• Potassium’s critical levels for multiple states and how they’re determined.

• Diagnosis of potassium deficiency and the factors that lead to it.

• Foliar applications of potassium.

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