In a new Focus on Soybean webcast, Bill Wiebold at the University of Missouri, explains the Keys to Entering the 100-Bushel Soybean Club.

The webcast is applicable nationally, and will be publicly available through April 30.

Keys to Entering the 100-Bushel Soybean Club will help consultants and growers better understand yield and what it takes to reach the 100-bushel threshold for soybean yield.

Part one of the presentation discusses soybean yield and how factors during the plant's life cycle influence yield. Part two describes six keys to increasing soybean yield. By the end of the presentation, growers will better understand how soybean plants produce yield and will be able to use that understanding to develop cropping systems that enhance profitable soybean production.

View this the webcast at Keys to Entering the 100-Bushel Soybean Club.

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