Is the hassle ultimately worth it?

“We averaged somewhere between 56 and 58 bushels to the acre using this practice. We had 500 acres, or so, that wouldn’t have produced soybeans without doing this.”

What about the seeding rate?

“We do increase it some – 140,000 to 150,000 – depending on what it looks like behind the planter. Are we getting good closure? Is there a shower coming in a couple of days? Do we need to put out a couple extra seeds out?”

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Seed treatments?

“We use CruiserMaxx with Vibrance.”


“We use an early burndown in the fall – aerial application. We’ll come back in the spring if necessary. Even rice fields that are still rutted up, we’ll burndown to make sure we don’t have a lot of coverage. We’re trying to get the sun and wind to the ground. Weeds might pull some moisture up but they’ll also provide too much ground coverage.”