The importance of U.S. soybean producers to the world food supply was also emphasized by Carroll. 

“Y’all would be amazed if you’d see what we do across this country and world to feed people. I happened to be in China a few years ago. The Chinese get a couple of bowls of rice a day and that’s about the extent of their meals.

“I happened to go in a department store there and guy was demonstrating a little blender thing. It was a soy milk maker. They take a little blender, put in a Dixie cup full of soybeans, some water and maybe a little piece of strawberry or something. In about 20 minutes they have soy milk plus the high-protein residue.”

For well-fed Americans it is difficult to imagine “what that means to someone who’s on a straight carbohydrate diet of rice. I bought one of those blenders and brought it home.

“We don’t think in those terms, here. You can I can go down the street and get milk or whatever. Those people can’t.

“We have affected more lives with soybeans in the last few years than you can imagine. I hope it continues.”