The news on the biodiesel front is less rosy.

“Biodiesel has taken a bad rap with the EPA mandates coming down,” said Carroll, referring to the agency’s move away from the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). “But biodiesel is where we use our own products.

“In the past, the process has been pretty simple: they extrude the oil, put it in the biodiesel. The only handicap is glycerin as a byproduct -- we can’t find a good use for it. But, on the whole, biodiesel has been very good.”

The USB, said Carroll, conducted a study to find out the value of biodiesel. “It’s brought us back about 74 cents per bushel of soybeans over the last 10 years.

“I hope Congress gets some sense and they won’t reduce the (RFS) mandates on ethanol or biodiesel. I’m a pro-American person and the further away we can get from relying on another country for our energy the better off we’ll be.”