To assess the economics of resistant weed control in soybeans, Bryant pointed to work done by Bob Stark, an agriculture economist at the University of Arkansas-Monticello. The cost of production for five different ways to produce soybeans: traditional Roundup Ready ($304.36); Roundup Ready plus preplant ($317.75); conventional ($307.47); LibertyLink/pre-emerge ($305.79); and LibertyLink/pre-emerge/tank mix ($304.17).

“The first, a traditional Roundup Ready system, won’t work if you have glyphosate-resistant pigweeds.

“The second would work to control glyphosate-resistant pigweed.

“The last two are both LibertyLink systems. We don’t rely just on Ignite. The budgets contain some residual chemistries as pre-emerge with either one herbicide or a tank mix.

“The costs are very similar for most of the production alternatives.”

Roundup Ready soybeans do require some sort of preplant herbicide application. “We accounted for that in the (budget totals above) and may even require an in-season residual if the preplant doesn’t hold. We estimate that will cost around $15 per acre.

“The LibertyLink soybeans should also receive a residual herbicide application.”

In summary, Bryant said controlling glyphosate-resistant pigweed in cotton and soybeans will increase production costs.

“On Roundup Ready cotton, you’re looking at around $35 per acre. One thing I haven’t mentioned is the Cotton Performance Plus Program that’s available. The advertisements say you can get up to $20 per acre.

“I went back and looked at our budgets — weed control programs spoken about earlier — and we’d have been entitled to about $12 off. So, take $12 off the $35 to get down to $23.

“You’ll have to spend an extra $15 (to control glyphosate-resistant pigweeds) in Roundup Ready soybeans.”