How might crop rotation be used to manage the burgeoning glyphosate-resistant pigweed problem in the Mid-South?

“In Mississippi, there are currently 11 counties that we know have resistant pigweeds,” said Jason Bond at the recent Pigposium forum held in Forrest City, Ark. Bond, an associate professor of weed science at Mississippi State University, said the “number is sure to go up as we continue the screening programs this fall and winter. Ten of the 11 counties are located in the Delta area of the state — we consider that the northwest (quarter) of the state.”

All of the counties that border the Mississippi River are infested with glyphosate-resistant pigweed.

 “I think we have two real opportunities for managing pigweeds in the Delta. In Mississippi, we have really good yield potential with rice, as does Arkansas. But nearly all the counties on the Mississippi side of the Delta have excellent yield potential with corn.

“So I want to focus on those crops — corn and rice — and how to manage populations of pigweeds in those crops.”