During the off-season, Goss won’t let four walls hem him in — house or shop. He hunts or fishes, admittedly at a gentle pace. “Hunting and fishing are my thing, but time has slowed me down. As a boy, I’d hit the fields with a single-shot .12 gauge and my birddog, and that was truly some of the most fun of my life.” Goss also keeps a “backyard orchard” of carefully tended trees — apple, fig, peach, pecan, pear, pecan, and nectarine — and gives the produce away, selling nothing.

Everything Goss loves, everything that drives him, shares a common thread — the outdoors. “If you pay attention, you’ll see God’s creation in everything outside and you’re going to realize that God has given us all these things on the land. I am a steward, responsible in that way to take care of the land. God only lets us keep the land for a certain length of time anyway because I can’t carry it with me and it’ll be left for my wife and kids.”


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And why? Why the drive at 82?

“I love it as much today as I did when I was 30. That’s the serious truth; I love it that much. I will be doing this as long as the Lord lets me. When he gets ready for me to quit, he’ll stop me and I won’t be able to any longer. But even then, if the Lord will just let me ride up and down the road some, I’ll still enjoy looking on the land.

“I just think that’s God plan. He puts us on Earth to do something and that may be as a mechanic, teacher, or farmer. When a fella goes out on his own and says, ‘I want to do this, this, and this,’ and tries to do too much, he may not ever find God’s plan. You know what? I found mine.”

Billy Goss — a satisfied and grateful man living a life well farmed.


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