Matt Miles’s 107.634-bushel field – located outside McGehee -- was planted April 24 and harvested September 13. His record yield came from Asgrow 4632 seed planted at a seeding rate of 170,000.

The field did have chicken litter applied. “We take grid samples in the fall and variable potash as needed. Litter is a bit weaker in potash than phosphate. We get more than enough phosphate with the litter.”

Matt Miles shatters Arkansas soybean yield record

The Miles operation is extremely concerned with resistant weeds. “We act like we have a huge pigweed problem simply to be proactive instead of waiting for them to arrive. We’ve gotten them anyway. We began three or four years ago – basically tolerating zero pigweeds.” Even so, “now, we have them” despite starting the practice “when we believed we had none.”

For a pre-emerge herbicide, said Miles, “we ran Verdict, a new product from BASF. It did an excellent job. We usually come back 10 to 12 days later with an application of Prefix to overlay the residuals and get more control on the pigweeds. When you do that, it pretty much eliminates any other weed.”

What about insecticides? “We did run one application of acephate for stinkbug. But it was a pretty light year other than that.”

The Miles field was irrigated nine times.

Of the three 100-bushel busters, Miles was the only one to use a harvest aid. Was it just to knock leaves off the plant?

“Mainly so,” said Miles. The variety stayed rather green and “we got to the point where we needed to cut it to get finished. We went with 1.5 ounces of Sharpen.”