Pushing for ever-higher soybean yields, in 2013, the Arkansas Soybean Association continued both the Race for 100 Bushels per Acre Soybean Yield Contest and the Grow for the Green ($$$$) Soybean Yield Challenge.

While too late to sign up for the 2013 contests, producers – surely buoyed by at least three southeast Arkansas producers recently bursting through the 100-bushel-per-acre barrier -- can begin to plan for next year’s super yields.

“We did change things up a bit this year,” says Lanny Ashlock, with the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board outreach. “Previously, it was divided up by production system, statewide. Those included the ‘early season indeterminates’ – mostly Group 4s – that we try to get planted by mid-April and harvested before mid-September. The second category was ‘full-season’ production. The third category was ‘double crop’ behind wheat.”

More on the foundation for higher soybean yields here.

For 2013, the contest was divided up by geographical regions. “Those consist of four- and five-county areas: northeast Arkansas east of Crowley’s Ridge; northeast Arkansas up to the Missouri line, west of Crowley’s Ridge; and then work down through the Delta. That means there are five or six districts. Then, there’s one district from Little Rock west, north to south.”

For each of the areas, the first place winner/highest yield, receives $10,000. Second place gets $7,500 and third place gets $5,000.

Another category is for non-GM soybeans. That category is open statewide for those who want to grow conventional varieties.

For more specifics on the contests, see here.