Surveying multiple trailers full of field day attendees at Terral Seed’s Greenville, Miss., research farm, Donnie Glover was pleased with the turnout. Included in the crowd were growers “from Texas all the way into Georgia,” said Terral’s soybean breeder and director of research.

Perhaps the perpetually enthusiastic Glover — who has been with Terral for 15 years — should also receive the title of Terral’s “chief cheerleader.”

Terral Seed has grown tremendously and we want you to know we’re ‘yield first.’ We worry about genetics and performance.

“We also want you to understand and be comfortable with the idea that we’re behind you all the way. For all the farmers and dealers here, we’re working in your best interest. What’s in your best interest is in our best interest.

The soybean varieties Glover pointed to:

• REV 44R10 brand: This variety is “an outstanding 4.5 variety. It’s tall and does well area-wide wherever they’re growing 4.5s. It’s an excellent variety for Texas, all through Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and pushes all the way into the Bootheel and Tennessee. It has an excellent disease package and is able to withstand heat.”

Note: REV brand seed is distributed by Terral Seed. REV is a registered trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred.

• REV 48R10 and REV 49R11 brands: The two varieties “I really like on cotton ground. For a long time we didn’t have a lot of genetics targeted at cotton ground. Well, you have to take that expensive soil and maximize bean production. You can do that with these varieties, which are bred specifically for cotton ground or narrow rows and good, fertile clays.

“These are smaller framed varieties but do really well on cotton ground. With irrigation, they lap 38-inch rows without any trouble.”

• TERRAL TV55R15“has been an industry-leading clay soil group 5 for a long time.”

• TERRAL TV49R17“is the king of the clay soils, king of the low latitudes. It’s a very tall soybean.”

Some of Terral’s new, upcoming varieties include TV44R11, TV47R22 and TV49R22 — “which is giving TV49R17 a run. TV54R10 is knocking on the door of TV55R15. I also have a 56 and 5721 that are also mid- to pushing late-5s.”