Fresh variety test yield data in hand, Sandy Stewart, LSU AgCenter cotton specialist, says preliminary analysis shows some the top Roundup Ready Flex cotton varieties in Louisiana include:

  • PHY 485 WRF — “This one, a medium-maturing variety, is consistent across many soil types. It may be a bit better on heavy clay soils than others. The genetics Phytogen currently have look to be well-suited for heavier soil types.”

  • DP 117 B2RF — “This one is very early. If you consider DP 444 is early, this one is even earlier. It's been more consistent than I expected due to its earliness. However, we have a trial in Tensas Parish around Waterproof, La., with potash issues and this variety didn't do well there. It seems there's very little middle ground with 117 — either it's tops or, if stressed, can land in the bottom third of the trials. Where placed properly, though, I have a lot of confidence in it.

  • ST 4554 B2RF — “This is a medium maturing variety that's very consistent and manageable. I like it across many regions and soil types. It's probably the most consistent Flex variety we've dealt with. Interestingly, this variety tends to travel well — it's in fields from Louisiana all the way to Tennessee.

  • ST 4427B2RF — “This is an early Stoneville variety that is fairly consistent if not spectacular. I haven't seen it win a trial yet. But it's consistently in the top third.”