“The thing I like about this variety is its stability. Over the four years of testing, with extremely different growing conditions, the yield range was very tight — with a high of 219 bushels and a low of 211 bushels. Other varieties had a much broader range of highs and lows.

“We believe Rex will be very competitive with Arkansas and Louisiana varieties. In regional nursery trials over three years, it was in the top 15 percent to 20 percent at all locations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri.

“For growers considering going back to a conventional variety, Rex should offer an excellent option.”

Walker says Mississippi’s breeding program will continue to include an emphasis on conventional varieties.

“Even with Clearfield, we still need good conventional varieties for parent lines. Year to year, 50 percent to 60 percent of our progeny lines are conventional varieties.”

With urea now in the neighborhood of $500 per ton, Walker says growers should consider using Agrotain nitrogen stabilizer to limit volatilization.

“There are a number of products out there, but this is the only one commercially available that inhibits nitrogen loss. We’ve tested the mechanism for this product, and we know it works.

“In addition to the cost of urea, there is a cost of reduced yield as a result of nitrogen that is lost through volatilization.”