Arkansas rice progress

With about 95 percent of the Arkansas rice crop planted through last week, the first Arkansas fields were going to permanent flood, reported Arkansas Extension specialists. “If your field is ready – large enough, actively tillering, etc. – then maybe next week ahead of the rainy conditions is a good time to get fertilizer out and begin flood establishment. Don’t jump the gun on it though, maybe just what you need is some rain to boost plant growth and you can try to go to flood when it dries up again,” says Jarrod Hardke, rice Extension agronomist. Arkansas Rice Update, May 23, 2014.

Rice market factors

The rice market is no longer focused on the weather’s impact on planting but the impact on overall crop conditions and eventual production, says economist Scott Stiles of the Arkansas Extension Service. September rice futures continued to find support last week at $14.40. For the time being this is a key layer of price support to watch, he says. Read more about what to expect in rice markets in the May 23 Arkansas Rice Update.

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Rice disease checklist

Don Growth of the LSU Rice Research Station offers some key rice management practices to help deal with diseases as well as help in planning your 2014 fungicide program in 2014 Rice Disease Newsletter No. 6.

Fungicide timing based on time of day

Does the time of day a fungicide is applied to rice affect disease control? Don Groth of the LSU Rice Research Station reports the results studies to determine if there is a best time to apply a fungicide. “Although this information is based on older fungicides, it does show there is a wide window for fungicide application during the day,” says Groth. ‘More importantly, it points out the need to avoid rainfall either after or before fungicide applications. Normally, you do not have control of when a fungicide is applied by an aerial applicator, but avoiding of rain events is important to get the most out of your fungicides.” 2014 Rice Disease Newsletter No. 7.

Urea market

At the Gulf, wholesale urea prices have now declined for the past eleven weeks. Global supplies are ample and imports from the Middle East origins have been steady. Gulf urea prices have been working lower since the start of March. More about future supplies and prices at May 23 Arkansas Rice Update.