Mississippi rice producers had the largest yield ever in 2010, at 20 million cwt. of long grain varieties, according to Nathan Buehring, associate Extension professor, Delta Research and Extension Center, who also spoke at Delta Ag Expo.

Harvested acreage, at 303,000, was the fourth largest on record, “a dramatic increase” from 2009’s 243,000 acres.

The January USDA projected yield for 2010 is 6,850 pounds per acre, a 150 pound increase from 2009, Buehring says. That projection was just recently raised from 6,500 pounds per acre in December.”  

“In some fields, however, yields were reduced as a result of excessively high temperatures, including higher than normal low temperatures,” he says. “From Aug. 1 until Sept. 1, we had 100- to 105-degree temperatures for extended periods and nighttime lows in excess of 75 degrees. This had a significant impact on the crop. Fields that were planted early avoided some of these weather extremes.”

Late-planted fields, in some cases, had field yields below 100 bushels, Buehring says. “There was nothing wrong with the producers’ fertility or weed control — it was just the impact of the weather.”