The Arkansas Rice Council and Arkansas Rice Producers’ Group will host a joint annual membership meeting on Thursday, Jan. 27.

In addition to the state rice-organization reports, the meeting will provide updates on key issues that affect Arkansas rice farmers, including Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures, agriculture dust rules, pesticide permitting, improvements on crop insurance products for rice, and a report on USA Rice Federation activities by USA Rice President and CEO Betsy Ward.

Featured speaker Jim Wiesemeyer, Informa Economics, Washington Bureau, will talk about the new Congress and the outlook for the next farm bill. “This meeting provides an annual report to rice farmers on programs funded by the Arkansas rice checkoff and offers an opportunity to get new information on issues that will impact our industry,” said Robert Petter, a rice farmer from Tollville. “I encourage all rice industry stakeholders to attend.”

The meeting will be held at the Brinkley Convention Center, 1501 Weatherby Drive, Brinkley, Ark., from 10 a.m. through noon. Lunch will be served immediately following the meeting.