Travis Faske, Arkansas Extension plant pathologist, has posted a lengthy, informative report on the spread of soybean rust in Arkansas at

“Soybean rust (SBR) has recently been confirmed in Chicot and Desha (counties). Rust was identified (September 13) on soybean near Bellaire in Chicot Countywith actively sporulating pustules on ~6 percent of the soybean leaflets. The soybean growth stage was R7.

“In Desha County,SBR was confirmed on (September 17)from leaves collected in a soybean (R5) field near Gould. Pustules were actively sproulating on ~25 percentof leaflets and some leaflets had 10-plus pustules.

“In late July, SBR was confirmed in Desha Countybut was harvested one week after that report.

“Current conditions (mild temperature and heavy dew/light rain) are more favorable for SBR than when it was first confirmed in July.

“Tropical storm Isaac contributed to the spread of rust throughout the Mid-South.Thus, it is likely SBR will be found in other counties, especially thoseneighboring Chicot and Desha (counties). Though most of the soybeans are past the recommended growth stage for treatment (R6), rust is a threat to late-planted soybeans that are in the mid-stages of reproduction. Producers and consultants with young soybeans in the area where rust has been confirmed should consider management options and continue to monitor fields. We will continue to monitor fields for SBR movement throughout Arkansasand post positive observations on this blog and IPM-PIPE.”

For Faske’s entire post, see here.