The Arkansas 2011 soybean crop market during the week of March 19-23 took a step back from its previous week gains.

A 7 cent weekend loss was followed by another sharp decline on March 20 before the market steadied itself and seemed to reluctantly move back up toward its March 19 open level.

The statewide average opened March 19 at $13.71 and bottomed at $13.49 before recovering to a Friday (March 23) closing statewide average of $13.69. The closing price left an overall loss of 9 cents from the previous Friday closing mark.

Highest reported individual market daily average during the week was $13.93 at West Memphis on Monday with Old Town/Elaine at $13.92. Individual market daily low for the week was $13.24 at Jonesboro on Tuesday. Last day individual trading quotes across all markets ranged from $13.45 at Jonesboro to $13.91 per bushel at Old Town/Elaine as the closing price spread lost 1 cent from 47 cents to 46 cents.

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