Precision ag technology can be used very effectively to aid in the battle against herbicide-resistant weeds, says John Fulton with the Auburn University Precision Agriculture Program.

“Technology can play a role, especially in the area of saving money or at least making more informed decisions,” said Fulton at a recent weed resistance meeting held in Decatur, Ala.

Scouting remains an important factor to help insure that a grower is making the most informed decisions possible, says Fulton. “Whether it’s you the grower or a consultant, getting out in the field and collecting additional information is important in making better decisions,” he says.

Tools and technology are available that can help in cost savings, he adds. “Producers need to reduce input costs but also to maximize yields and profits at the end of the year. These are the types of inputs where precision ag technologies can have an impact. Growers are spending a lot of money producing a crop, and the amount increases each year,” he says.

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