The Sorghum Checkoff is funding an in-depth study that involves tracking all inputs used by sorghum growers to raise, harvest and market their sorghum crop.

Starting in June 2012, sorghum growers will be participating in the research to provide an in-depth study of all inputs and outputs relating to the crop.

The data will be used to assess the carbon footprint of growing sorghum versus other crops, and a model will be developed to demonstrate these interactions.

As a survey participant, sorghum producers will be asked to keep specific information for their inputs and outputs as they go through this year’s growing season.

If you are a sorghum producer interested in participating in this series of four 5-to-10-minute surveys online, please contact Dusti Fritz at

The study will be conducted by SGS and Strategic Marketing Research and is strictly a scientific research project that does not involve sales of any kind.