While grain bins continue to be built rapidly around the Mid-South, two February meetings in east Arkansas will focus on grain storage safety issues.

The first meeting will be held Feb. 14 at the Grand Prairie Center in Stuttgart. The second will be Feb. 21 at the Dumas Community Center in Dumas. The meetings will begin at 8:50 a.m. and adjourn at 11:45 a.m.

“A group of us have been thinking about doing meetings like this for over a year,” says Doug Hartz, one of the organizers. “Things have come together and we’re pleased that farmers will get this information before the next growing season.

“A lot of grain storage has been put up in the Mid-South over the last few years. Along with that are increased safety concerns. We just don’t need to lose anyone in grain bin-related accidents.

“If we can save just one life, it’s all worth it. The response so far shows folks agree and want to participate.”

Among the topics that will be covered:

  • Falls in the grain-handling area and how to prevent them.
  • Machine guarding and how to protect the workers from moving parts.
  • Electrical hazards at the grain-handling areas.
  • Bin entry and hazards associated with the task and how to eliminate them.

See the full agenda here.

“These are strictly educational meetings and aren’t focused as much on the enforcement side of things,” says Hartz. “This is only to increase awareness of the hazards of grain storage and how to approach it safely.”

Meeting sponsors include Producers Rice Mill, Riceland Foods, Bruce Oakley, Hartz Farm Management and Stratton Seed Company.