With pests popping up early in Mid-South farmland (see here and here), producers may want to check out www.syngentapestpatrol.com.

The site allows users to access pest alerts online or they can register to receive text message alerts each time their area researcher records a new update.

It's a two-step process:

  • First, fill out the info online.
  • Second, reply to the confirmation text with a 'y' to complete the subscription.

Alternatively, users can sign up for text messages directly from their phone:

  • Text to short code 97063.
  • Text word that corresponds with the entomologist you want to get text alerts from: Stewart = "PestPat12"; Catchot = "PestPat5"; Lorenz = "PestPat6"; Kerns = "PestPat4"
  • Reply to confirmation text with a 'y' to complete subscription. You can register for more than one text alert, but will receive a confirmation text for each researcher.