In an 11 p.m. update on Thursday, Delta Council reported the Mississippi River crest forecasts have not changed, but crest dates have been shifted.

Crest stages remain the same as the following May 2 projections:

• 57.5' at Vicksburg on May 20

• 64.5' at Greenville on May 17

• 53.5' at Arkansas City on May 16

• 56.0' at Helena on May 12

• 48' at Memphis on May 11.

The Mississippi River stages are currently 47.9’ at Vicksburg, 56.2' at Greenville, 45.3' at Arkansas City, 52.7' at Helena, and 45.0' at Memphis — all above flood stage.

At this projected stage, the Yazoo River Backwater Levee will be overtopped by 1.3' in some areas. The Mississippi Levee Board and the Corp of Engineers is in the process of armoring portions of the levee projected to overtop to provide added strength in these stressed areas.

The overflow is projected to add an additional 0.5' of water to the Yazoo River Backwater Area. This brings the projected crest at Steele Bayou (landside) to 95.0'.

If a catastrophic failure of the Yazoo River Backwater Levee were to occur, the area could see water elevations of 107'. However, every effort is being made by the Mississippi Levee Board and the Corp of Engineers to ensure this does not happen.

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