A recent addition to the Delta Council Annual Meeting lineup will be continued this year with a political roundtable “under the tent” in the Delta State University Quadrangle in advance of the organization’s Business Session.

Delta 1000 members are serving as host for “The Commentary on the 2011 Elections: From the Left, From the Right, and From the Ivory Tower,” featuring Mississippi State University professor Marty Wiseman (“ivory tower”) and political strategists Arnie Hederman (“right”) and Jere Nash (“left”) at 9:15 a.m. under a tent on the Delta State Quadrangle.

“With the primary and general election season less than three months away, interest in all of our races — from governor to the courthouse — will be at a fever pitch,” said Delta Council President Cass Pennington of Indianola. “Marty, Arnie, and Jere will break down the races in a manner that will be both informative and entertaining.”

Candidates of all stripes are likely join the members of Delta 1000, the Delta Council board of directors, and other invited guests under the tent.

Delta 1000 is a program begun by Delta Council over 40 years ago for members of Delta Council who pay a minimum of $100 over and above their regular membership dues. For more information on the Delta 1000 program, please contact Delta Council or go to www.deltacouncil.org.

The political roundtable will precede full morning’s activities, including a salute to Delta Honor Graduates by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and Delta State University President John Hilpert, an annual report on the region’s activities and priorities, and a keynote address by businessman and philanthropist Jim Barksdale.

Delta Council will also recognize those who have made significant contributions in other critical areas of Delta life.

Barksdale’s address is scheduled to conclude at noon, when the Delta Council members and guests will move to the DSU Quadrangle for a fried catfish luncheon.

The 76th Delta Council Annual Meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. This year’s meeting is sponsored by BankPlus, Southern Ag Credit/Land Banks of Mississippi, Jimmy Sanders., Inc., and five organizations representing “Voices of Mississippi Agriculture” — Catfish Farmers of Mississippi, Corn Promotion Board, Cotton Inc., Rice Promotion Board, and Soybean Promotion Board.