Delta and Pine Land Company will offer Avicta Complete Pak from Syngenta Crop Protection as one of its leading cotton seed treatments for the 2006 U.S. planting season.

A breakthrough in seed treatment technology, Avicta Complete Pak offers unique value-added benefits by providing enhanced protection against nematodes, insects and diseases.

“We are excited to offer cotton growers this most convenient and effective method of protection against all major early-season pests,” said Randy Dismuke, senior vice-president, Delta and Pine Land.

“Avicta Complete Pak is the first new nematode management option in more than 30 years, but it's more than a nematicide. It couples nematode management with very effective insect and disease protection provided on the seed from the moment it is put into the soil.

“Syngenta's Avicta Complete Pak protection along with D&PL's superior varieties will be an unbeatable combination for cotton farmers.”

Avicta Complete Pak is a combination of three separately registered products: Avicta seed treatment nematicide, Cruiser seed treatment insecticide and Dynasty CST seed-delivered fungicide. The immediate pest protection of Avicta Complete Pak aids in better root development, and in turn, a healthier crop with improved return on investment.

Avicta Complete Pak will be available in 2006 on all U.S. Delta and Pine Land Company varieties of cotton planting seed. Syngenta and D&PL have been partners in developing and commercializing novel biotechnology products for cotton since 2004.