Deltapine’s efforts to pay tribute to America’s cotton producers and to its New Product Evaluator (NPE) growers are paying off in the form of an educational grant to a student at Virginia Tech University.
Sarah McKay, a junior studying agriculture and applied economics and other disciplines, has been named the recipient of a $2,500 Agri-Business Educational Foundation scholarship made possible by funds from the sale of Deltapine’s “Where Heroes Are Made” video.
In 2013, Deltapine released the song as a special tribute to America’s cotton producers and Deltapine New Product Evaluators. The latter is a large group of growers who evaluate the performance potential and geographic fit of precommercial Deltapine cotton seed.
“The song was made available for purchase on iTunes last summer, and to further applaud cotton farmers for their hard work, Deltapine decided to contribute the funds raised by sales of the song to the future generation of agriculture,” a spokesman said.

All proceeds from the sales of “Where Heroes Are Made” were donated in the form of a $2,500 scholarship to the Agri-Business Educational Foundation (ABEF). The backbone of Student NAMA, ABEF serves to insure a strong future for the agri-marketing industry by providing students with the tools, education, and experiences they need to succeed.
“On behalf of ABEF, I am extremely grateful for the contribution from Deltapine cotton to our student scholarship program,” said Russ Parker, ABEF volunteer chair. “ABEF relies on the generosityof ag leaders to invest in the future of agri-marketing, and this gift enables us to continue helping students build leadership skills and networks that will help them advance their careers in agrimarketing.”
McKay received the scholarship at a luncheon hosted for student NAMA members at the 2014 Agri-Marketing Conference in Jacksonville, Fla. She is majoring in agricultural and applied economics, international trade and development option and animal science, and livestock management option. She is minoring in civic agriculture and marketing.
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